segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2011

Free Poker Bankroll ! 5 easy steps !

Hi guys!

This is a easy guide to get 50$ for free to play poker!

I am a poker player from a website called Pokerstrategy that offer 50$ to the players ho past a simple test.

You can try the test as many times you want to get the 50$.

Step One! First of all you have to folow this link here or this one —>

Step Two! Register on that website by that link :) easy no? but if you have any question you can ask here on Tumblr!

Step Three! Now you have to folow the website instrutions! choose a type of poker you like to play. read a bit about it! and ….

Step Four! Do the test and past it! Its realy simple! :) you can consult the website strategy while doing the test and do a 100% perfect test! :) but again if you have any question you can ask me here on Tumblr!

Step Five! Choose a poker room to receive the 50$ and Start Playing on it!

1-What i win whit this ? 
R: This website have a Tell-A-Friend Sistem that give prizes in money to people ho call more people to the site.

2-How can they give 50$ for free?
R: They win a part of your rake at poker romm (Rake is the comission paid to participate on a tornament for exemple.) Soo more you play more they win. More you win more i and you and Pokerstrategy Wins. :)

 Any other Question feel free to ask me ! Hug for you all!

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